Welcome to SWAC PAC!

Southern Westchester Action Committee PAC (SWAC-PAC) formed in 2016 to bring together a new coalition of community-focused, activist voices in Southern Westchester County to fight for policies and elected officials who value our unions and their members and their work, who celebrate the diversity of our county and who stand united for real opportunity for all. It is an entity that will organize around progressive candidates and policies and give more people greater opportunity to engage and take action in our political system.

SWAC-PAC, and other aligned groups, worked to achieve significant gains in local elections over the past four years. We want to keep those gains and continue furthering our work in Westchester County by winning critical races and securing  policies that support all Westchester families. Now is the time to organize, raise money and support fresh faces to represent our communities and fight for progressive causes.

Vote by Absentee Ballot

You can request an Absentee Ballot online or complete and mail/drop-off the Absentee Ballot Application to your Board of Elections. Absentee Ballot instructions can be found here. Once you receive and complete your Absentee Ballot you can return it by mailing it to your local Board of Election office or by returning it to any early voting location, which are listed below for Westchester County.

Vote Early

Early voting starts October 24, 2020 and ends November 1, 2020. Westchester County locations can be found here. If you live in a different county visit the NYS County Board of Election List to visit your local county page.

Vote on Election Day

Vote on election day, November 3, 2020 at your assigned polling place. The locations are being finalized in Westchester County. Once they are finalized visit this page to find your polling location.

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