About Us

Southern Westchester Action Committee and Political Action Committee

Who We Are:

We are a diverse group of grassroots residents of Southern Westchester, including community leaders, labor union activists, parents, and religious leaders. We came together to improve our County and our local communities through increased civic engagement and electoral participation. We are a grassroots organization, built from the bottom up, bringing new voices and new energy to our local elections and our local government.

Why we organized:

Before, but particularly after the national election in 2016, it was clear we needed a new, grassroots coalition of progressive voices in Southern Westchester County. Our goal is to win local elections, with the purpose of enacting better policies for the good of our community. We want to raise money, recruit, train and organize fresh faces to represent our communities and our working families and to promote and support policies that benefit all of us.

What We Support:

We support public education, access to healthcare, creating and protecting good-paying jobs for local residents, effectively fighting climate change, reducing income inequality, protecting women’s rights, supporting criminal justice reform, enforcing civil rights protections and protection of LGBTQ rights.

What we will do:

Our goal is to identify, train and support a group of diverse candidates for local office in Southern Westchester, to support specific issue campaigns and to expand electoral participation in local elections, all with the goal of supporting a progressive agenda at the local level. We will recruit and train new candidates and political activists on how to get involved and run for office, how to run or support a campaign, and how to mobilize effectively. We will be a source of education and financial support for local candidates in select races.